A Backyard Cookout
© By Grady L. Duncan 
From the first sign of Spring, to the first threat of Winter,
The man of the house, tries his hand at preparing dinner.
The menu is rather simple, fixing what he always did;
steaks for the grown-ups, and hamburgers for the kids,
Baked Beans for a side dish, slaw and potato salad too.
He invites his friends over, for his backyard barbeque.
He fills the pit with charcoal, and stacks it in a pile.
Then pours on the starter fluid, and lets it soak a while.
He tells the wife, "Now Honey, you just sit and prop up your feet.
I'll be sure to let you know, when it's time to eat,
but, before you do that, would you lend a helping hand,
and fix us some veggy dishes?  I'm sure you understand."
It's time to light the fire, and the beginning will be complete.
"Oh, Honey, would you mind, trimming and seasoning the meat?"
He puts on his apron, with his tall white cloth hat.
He'd sit and die laughing, if his wife ever did all of that.
He plops on all of the meat, and pours on the BarB-Q Sauce.
That's when it kicks in, and he starts acting like he's the boss.
Then he joins his friends, to have a friendly drink.
All is going real smooth, at least that's what he thinks.
The neighbors cat pays a visit, and wanders into the yard.
His dog starts to barking, and yanking the chain real hard.
The chain finally breaks.  The dog is chasing the cat around.
The chain upsets the pit, and the meat winds up on the ground.
The coals ignite the grass.  The fire is speading fast.
His wife saves the days, with the water hose at last.
The Boss is so embarassed.  He has changed his demeaner.
The cat and dog get the meat.  He winds up serving weiners.
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