A Better World
© By Grady L. Duncan

What kind of world would this world be,
if everyone body else acted just like me?
What if all agreed to be just like you,
and followed your lead in everything you do?

Be honest with yourself, as honest as you dare.
Would you really be happy, or be pulling out your hair?
Could we trust our neighbors to do what's right?
Could we close our eyes in peaceful sleep each night?

Would we all be honest, persons on whom to rely,
Or someone whom we'd question "Is he telling a lie?"
Would we care for each other as we know we should,
and be trustworthy, loyal, and lovingly good.

Who would be our model?  Would it be you or me?
Therein remains the problem.  We could never agree.
Only one can I think of who can fulfill that role,
He is righteous and faithful and loves every soul.

As His days were ending, and His work here was done,
He prayed in the garden, that we'd all be as one.
If only we would listen and obey His commands,
There would be joy and peace throughout every land.

Let's try a little harder!  Okay?
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Midi - "Let There Be Peace On Earth"
Seq'r Unknown