A Helping Hand
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Life, for some, is easy.
Others must live in pain.
Few have many riches,
others, no earthly gain.
Many don't know their God.
Others hold Him very dear.
Some can't find their way.
To others, it's very clear.

Most are dull of feelings,
and act like they are blind,
ignoring the needs of others,
and think that's just fine.
God made us all different,
then told us, we should share,
and He gave us all emotions,
and intended for us to care.

The Lord has told us something,
that it seems we don't believe,
that , "it's more blessed to give,
than it is to receive,"
Why don't you just try it?
Then, for sure, you'd know.
Besides, you could use His blessings,
and I could use the dough.

You should know I'm joking.
God has done alright by me.
There's nothing I can't do,
as long as it is free.
I have need of nothing.
So, do you know what?
I asked the Lord for nothing,
and nothing is what I got.

Seriously, no more joking.
Take a look around.
Help a fallen neighbor,
when you see they're down.
Lord, forgive my folly,
and joking if it offends.
It was meant to bring a smile,
while having fun with friends.
Midi - I'll Get By Seq'd by Harry Todd
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