A Part-Time God
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Most people believe in God.
Some even go to Church.
Only a few will find the Lord.
Still fewer will ever search.
Yet if you should ask them,
"What is your destiny?",
almost to a man, they'll say,
"In Heaven is where I'll be."

We are so busy with life,
we don't have time to live.
So much time is spent in "getting",
we don't have time to give.
We try to keep God near,
but somewhere out of sight,
so we can seek His help,
when things aren't going right.

We think of Him as a "Servant"
subject to our beckoning call.
When things are going smooth,
we don't think of Him at all.
We've removed Him from our schools,
and forbad our kids to pray.
Then we loudly sing,
"God, Bless The USA.

This Nation seems to think,
God is subject to our legislature,
but I can assure you, my friend,
that is not His Nature.
God don't live in Congress Halls,
nor under some Church Steeple.
If He dwells with us at all,
it's in the hearts of people.

So, if we want to see a change,
to be the way it should be,
The only place to start,
is in the hearts of you and me.
Then if we're to change,
it will come much faster,
if we become the "Servant",
and let Him be the "Master."

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