A Passing Age
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Time passed more slowly,
back when I was just a child.
I wanted to be much older,
but I’d have to wait a while.
Those were days of anticipation,
of what awaited ahead for me.
I was eager to get on with life,
and to fulfill my destiny.

Then came the school years,
and the days grew even slower.
Life became more tedious,
than it had ever been before.
Life was more demanding,
with the passing of each grade.
If I could only hold out,
someday I’d have it made.

On the day of graduation,
I felt, at last I had won.
But before long I realized,
my life had just begun.
I joined the nation’s workforce,
and found a loving wife.
Soon came our children,
to enhance our daily life.

Too some we came to realize,
our children were finally grown.
They married and left home,
to have children of their own.
Our grandchildren became adults,
and the family has multiplied.
Now we are great-grandparents.
That fact gives us enormous pride.

Somewhere along the way,
life shifted into high gear.
The days passed by so quickly
and now the end is near.
Life is like a vapor,
vanishing into God’s eternity,
when time has taken its toll,
on an aging old soul like me.

Music is "Time In A Bottle"
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