A Very Special Friend
© By Grady L. Duncan 
We meet people almost every day.
Some, we'll never meet again.
Then, there comes that special one,
who becomes your forever friend.
Someone to share your dreams,
to comfort you in your sorrows;
someone to tell your secrets to,
and trust with your tomorrows.

A friend who wipes away your tears
when you're feeling sad and blue,
and brightens those dreary days,
and helps the sun shine through.
Someone who makes you laugh,
and makes your life worth while;
one who speaks a thousand words,
with just their pleasant smile.

Together, you are content,
to spend each and every day.
They come to know your faults,
still, they love you anyway.
All the cares of this crazy world,
seem trite when you're together.
The toils and burdens of this life,
become as light as a downy feather.

To friendships, there is no limit,
to numbers nor length of time,
nor to their race, nor gender,
nor whether rich, nor have a dime.
They may be family or stranger;
someone you met on the internet,
You might be that someone.
Yes, it could happen yet!

Music - "Clair De Lune" by DeBussy
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