A Trip To Town
©By Grady L. Duncan

If you lived on a farm,
back when I was a child,
you only went to town,
every once in a while.
It was usually on Saturday,
after the chores were all done.
It was a very special day,
of excitement and lots of  fun.

At the "Woody" Model A" wagon,
we all would climb aboard,
the mules and the wagon,
replaced by that old Ford.
Then off in a cloud of dust,
We headed it toward town,
If to do nothing more,
than to just look around.

Mom would do her shopping,
while Dad visited old friends.
The children would see two movies,
before the day finally ends.
Each were given a quarter,
which was quite sufficient enough,
to pay admission to the movies,
and drinks and other stuff.

Then as the day grew later,
weary from the busy day,
the kids grew hungry for burgers,
but had no money to pay.
Then they'd all meet for supper,
and maybe an ice cream cone,
before loading up in the Ford,
and making their way back home.

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