After The Ball
© Grady L. Duncan

Some folks live their lives,
thinking they are having a ball.
Worldly pleasure is their goal,
having no restrictions at all.
With no concern for tomorrow,
they’re only living for today.
They care nothing about morals;
they only get in the way.

They waltz their way through life,
dancing to Satan’s enticing tunes.
He’s throwing a fancy party,
with drinking, confetti and balloons.
They are really living it up,
grabbing all the gusto they can grab.
but when the party has ended,
Satan has left them the tab.

With a headache and empty pockets,
and holes worn in their shoes,
they’ll find that they have nothing,
and end up singing the blues.
Though others try to warn them,
they always turn a deaf ear.
Now that the party is ending,
their hearts will be filled with fear.

Having spent all on self,
there’ll be nothing left but the pain.
The only time God is mentioned,
is to take His name in vain.
Satan has left them with the bill,
and they’ll be paying for quite a spell.
Satan is throwing an endless party,
and is waiting for them in Hell.

Music - "After The Ball"