All-day Affairs
© By Grady L. Duncan 
At least once a year, when the weather would permit,
The Preacher would announce from the Church pulpit;
"Next Sunday, we'll have a Singing, with Dinner on the grounds.
So invite all your neighbors, and kin from all around."
Young and Old alike, were filled with great delight,
and prayed for good weather, in their prayers every night.
Papa would chill some melons, in our spring-fed creek.
Mama would bake some pies, and cakes throughout the week.
She'd choose a couple of chickens, and keep them in a pen.
She'd give them extra feed, if they were a little thin.
With veggies from the garden, melons, cakes, and pies,
there was always enough, for a family twice our size.
Before leaving for Church, she'd put a ham on the bake,
just in case some family had nothing they could take.
Those days were extra special.  Folks came from far and near.
Our hearts united in Worship.  Those memories are so dear.
When the Services were over, some would leave, but return.
Something was in the oven, they didn't want to burn.
As things were being readied, pardoners, some men would choose,
and drive down some stakes, to start pitching some "Horseshoes."
Soon the feast was spread, and someone would lead a prayer.
God had truly blessed us, and we felt that He was there.
When the meal was finished, and the cleaning was done,
we returned to our games, and continued having fun.
Then around three o'clock, all of the games would end,
and we'd gather once more, and the singing would begin.
The beauty of the songs, had a heavenly sound.
I still treasure those, "All-day Singings, and Dinner on the Grounds."  
  MIDI seq'd by Harry Todd
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