Are You Listening?
© By Grady L. Duncan

You may ask, does God ever listen to me,
or does He even so much as care?
I ask you, my friend, Do you listen to Him,
or ever  talk with Him in prayer?
He sent His dear Son to show you the way,
and it is written down in His book.
Have you taken the time to open and read,
or did you even give it a look?

He has spoken through men all through time,
who bore the message you need.
Are you among the hordes that turned away,
and never His pleading did heed?
What fool once said, “Ignorance is bliss”?
Don’t believe that!  It is a lie!
Not knowing the truth is a tragic mistake,
and ignorance will not get you by.

One day you‘ll stand before the Judgment Bar,
to give an account for your deeds.
Those books will be opened; they’ll be your judge,
no matter how hard you may plead.
Yes! He has cared, and pleaded with you,
and gave the Son He held dear.
It will not be His fault if you’re condemned that day,
so listen and obey what you hear.

Don’t ask with a doubt, “Does he really hear?,”
for the answer is easy to see.
He has done what was needed for you to know,
how to live your life and be free.
So listen to Him and do as you’re told,
and He will be there when you may call.
With His loving hand, He will lift you up,
and dust you off when you fall.

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