Be Warned!
© By Grady L. Duncan

Oh, wretched soul, Oh, foolish heart,
why do you dare to mock the Lord?
There’ll come a day you’ll be judged
and account for your every word.
God pours out His love to every man.
You shun it and go on your way.
You defile His name on every turn,
using it in the bad things you say.

You say His Word is just a myth,
and treat it with much disdain.
Don’t you know it’ll be your judge?
It warns you in words so plain.
Yes, I know you’re not alone.
Many, like you, still disbelieve.
Though His grace is there for you,
you have chosen to not receive.

Living your Mardi Gras lifestyle,
you heap sins upon your soul.
Then in the end you’ll see,
You’ve lived the life of a fool.
That’s when you’ll fervently plead,
not to face your horrible fate.
You’ll beg for His forgiveness,
but, then it will be too late.

Take heart, there’s time to turn,
as long as life is still within.
Only the Lord can cleanse,
and make you free from sin.
So, do not wait for another day.
Your salvation is now at hand.
You still can receive His promise,
of a home in heaven’s bright land.

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