Beautiful Jesus
©By Grady L. Duncan

Jesus, Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Oh, what a beautiful name.
Since I heard his loving call,
my life hasn’t been the same.

He lifted me from the road of doom,
and leads on a path that’s strait;
one that leads to heaven above,
to enter that golden gate.

Oh, how I wish I had the power,
to write His name across the sky,
for all the world to see up there,
unhidden from each human eye.

Nothing would dare hide its glow,
even in the darkest of the nights.
His name would shine forevermore,
giving off its eternal light.

Since it is now within my power,
The next best thing I can do,
is to tell you the old, old story
of how much He has done for you.

He shed His blood on the cross,
that you, from Sin, can be free.
He’ll lift you from that Hell-bound road,
just like He did for me.

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