Body and Soul
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Life is very uncertain,
but death is guaranteed.
Time slips by so fast. 
It's very short, indeed.
Many lives are wasted,
because they have no goals,
While living to serve their bodies,
they totally neglect their souls.
From the time of our conception,
'til we're laid beneath the sod,
our lives don't go unnoticed,
by an ever-loving God.
With His gentle, outreached hand,
and His tender, caring voice,
He whispers in our ears,
"You must make a Choice."
A body of flesh and bones,
with its lusts and appetites,
can influence our "Inner Being",
into doing "wrong or right."
Yielding to its every desire,
and its zest for a exciting life,
smothers out our soul's needs,
and causes us inner-strife.
Suppressed by its surroundings, 
too soon we may find,
our Soul has grown numb,
and is deaf and completely blind.
The flesh will finally fail us,
then the soul, at last, will be free,
Then where will it dwell? 
Where will it spend all eternity?
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