Bonfires and Hayrides
       © By Grady L. Duncan     

In the Fall of the year, when the harvest was done,
the youth of our Church, gathered to have some fun.
One of the kindly Brothers, volunteered to be Host,
and would plan a hayride, followed by a wiener-roast.

A wagon was readied, loaded with fresh bailed hay,
and waiting at the Church, ready to get under way.
After the Sun had set, behind the Western horizon,
we all climbed aboard, as the full Moon was rising.

With a slap of the reins, and a shout "gitty up here,"
The mules began to pull, and we'd start to cheer.
We were headed for a bonfire, about two miles away,
down an old dirt road, while enjoying the soft hay.

Since we weren't in a hurry, the mules walked along.
Soon someone would suggest, "Hey, let's sing a song.
We sang, "Row, Your Boat", or "After The Ball,"
as the Moon set the mood, on a night in early Fall.

Sweethearts were in the making, under pale moonlight.
Many found their "True Love", on just such a night.
All was ready and waiting.  The fire was burning bright,
as we reached our destination, we were filled with delight.

While the fire burned to embers, we sat there on the ground,
gazing at the flames, without making a sound.
The Host opened his Bible, and began to softly read.
All Nature seemed to listen.  It was solemn indeed.

After lots of fun and games, marshmallows and hotdogs galore,
we put out the fire and loaded up once more.
Time passed so quickly, it seemed we'd just begun.
Why couldn't Time slow down, while we were have such fun?

I guess my generation, was the last of its kind,
since there are no old dirt roads, no more hay wagons to find.
Today most kids have cars, and lots of money to spend.
They now have their parties, at the "Pizza Inn."

Their parents are busy.  No time for their kids
They don't care what they do, like our parents did.
They are on their own, from the time they can drive.
Where are your children?  What keeps them alive?
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