© By Grady L. Duncan
I don't know how we made it.
I just know that we did,
or we had to do without ...
in the country ... when I was a kid.
From the head of each household,
to their kids, and the families’ dogs,
all should stop and give thanks,
for those mail-order catalogs.

Thank you Sears & Roebuck,
J.C. Penney’s and Montgomery Ward!
You supplied our every need;
at least what we could afford.
Next to the “Family Bible”,
they were held in highest esteem.
Each member of the family,
turned the pages and dreamed their dreams.

Fondly called the “Wish Books”,
their contents ran from “A to Z”.
Some sections were off limits,
to a wondering child like me.
When I thought no one was watching,
I might quickly take a glance.
Even though I might get caught,
I just had to take the chance.

Much time was spent in the sections,
that were of interest to little boys,
like clothes, and shoes, and games,
hunting and fishing gear, and toys.
At the changing of the seasons,
we could count on it without fail,
a brand new issue would arrive,
sent to us through the U.S. mail.

Nothing ever went to waste,
especially when other uses were so clear,
Paper goods weren’t all so common.
Such items we held dear.
When the new ones arrived,
old ones served a different duty.
They were taken to the outhouse
to clean everyone's pitudy!

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