Chop'n Cot'n
© By Grady L. Duncan 
'Twas up with the sun, but  nowhere to go,
'cus there were acres and acres of cotton to hoe.
We ate a big breakfast.  Put on our straw hats.
None of that food would be turning to fat.
You can go barefooted.  It really don't hurt,
'cus if you wear shoes, they'll fill up with dirt.
We'd take a big jug of water, a hoe and a file,
'cus, unless it rains, we'd be out there a while.
The first row or two were filled with dread,
'cus, many more like them, were still ahead.
As each row was finished, it was hoed clean.
No weeds nor grass sprigs, in the row could be seen.
With the sun rising higher, its fury could be felt.
Our feet got so hot, we thought they would melt.
A drink of cool water, waits yonder in the shade,
if only the end of the row could be made.
Relief was ahead, so we dared not drop.
Our mouths were as dry as if we'd eaten the crop.
Quenching our thirst, was our main concern.
It'd be two more rows, before we'd return.
Then from the house, a sweet sound we'd hear,
the sound of ringing, from an old plow shear.
It was time for a break, to have a good lunch.
There'd better be plenty.  We're a hungery bunch.
After a good meal and some noonday chores,
it was back to the field to hoe some more.
As the day grew cooler, we'd sing our songs,
that we'd make up, as we hoed along.
Thinking them good, we thought we'd get rich.
Our lives would be better.  There'd be a big switch.
Our lives have changed.  No more hoeing cotton.
Those days are gone, but not forgotten.
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MIDI - "Dixie"
Seq'r Unknown
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