Consider the Source
© By Grady L. Duncan

Did you ever stop and consider,
the phenomena you can always see,
when peering at any light,
wherever you may happen to be?
It often goes unnoticed,
but still it is always there.
Throughout this great universe,
its source, the image declares. 

Some people detest that image,
and hold it in deep distain,
but no matter what they may do,
that image will still remain.
No court in any land,
can outlaw that awesome sight.
The only way to remove it,
is to remove the source of light.

Then darkness will prevail,
and Evil Doers will have their way.
The foolish will run amuck,
and Satan will have his day.
The source of light is Jesus.
The image is the cross.
He is the Light of the World.
Without Him we are lost.

When you look to Jesus,
you can’t help but see,
the cross where He shed His blood,
bringing light to you and me.
So, whenever you look at light,
and see the crossing rays,
remember who is the source,
and strive for those endless days.

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