Counting My Blessings
©By Grady L. Duncan

Let’s see..Where shall I begin?

Shall I count them all,
and number them one by one?
It would be like counting stars.
I don’t think it can be done.

The richest of all my blessings,
comes from heaven above.
It’s greater than all others.
It’s the blessing of God’s love.

From it flow all the others;
many more that I deserve.
There are many more to come,
He is keeping them in reserve.

God’s grace is so amazing,
for He gave His only son,
to die on the cruel cross,
to give hope to everyone.

Earthly blessings aren’t trivial,
but they will all pass away.
They will all be forgotten,
on our final judgment day.

I’m thankful for them all,
but on them I will not dwell.
I treasure mostly the blessings
that have rescued me from Hell.

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