Cozy Feelings
© By Grady L. Duncan 
I love the cozy feeling,
while in front of the fireplace,
I relax in my easy chair,
with a book before may face,

With the stereo turned real low,
playing my favorite songs,
And the house all neat and tidy,
everything where it belongs.
The weather, outside, is damp.
The sky is a milky gray.
No harsh winds are blowing.
  No work to be done today.

The mantle clock's ticking,
and the music is all that is heard.
With nothing else to distract me,
I can reflect on every word.
Time is no longer a barrier.
Great distances, my mind can span.
Imagination is a time machine.
I've a passport to any land.

As a knight in shining armor,
I can serve a noble king.
I can assume any personality.
  I can do, almost, anything.
I can live the life of a rich man,
or a beggar on the street,
And sleep in cardboard boxes,
with no shoes to warm my feet.

I can sail the seas as a pirate,
burying treasure in a mossy cave,
Or be a strong, brave hero,
risking life, others to save.
As Sherlock Holmes, the detective,
the criminal had better beware.
As a Pony Express rider of old,
you can bet the mail will get there.

No country can secure its borders,
to keep me from entering in.
Not ever a battle is so decisive,
that I can't possibly win.
Then the clock starts chiming,
as if to be calling me home.
Back from the distant places,
to where my thoughts had roamed.

Nothing has change since I left.
  It's peaceful and all is quiet.
If you don't know the feeling,
I recommend that you try it.
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Midi - "Gentle On My Mind"
Seq'r Harry Todd
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