Daddy's Bible
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Daddy has left us, his life's work done.
Only one thing leaving to me, his son.
'Tis his old Bible, all tattered and torn.
Each page is wrinkled, soiled, or worn.
Its condition, atrocious, but not from abuse.
It happened through time. with frequent use.
From cover to cover, each page was read.
You can tell he loved it, by the life he led
Many words are circled, verses underlined.
In the margins, other thoughts you will find.
Much time in reading, and study was spent,
Learning what was written, and just what it meant.
No greater treasure, could I possess,
Than that old Bible.  I am so blessed.
Its condition has gone from bad to worse,
As I've considered each note and underlined verse.
It now holds a place among precious things,
Not for its beauty, but for the memories it brings.
Every Daddy should follow his example and leave,
A worn out Bible, to which his son can cleave.
No greater blessing, could a man bestow,
Than a knowledge of a Savior, who loves us so.
Now that I know him, and his promises, won,
What more can I say, but, "Thanks Dad"?--
With love,  Your son
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