Did You Ever?
      © By Grady L. Duncan 

Do you remember your leisure time,
when you were a strapping lad;
your favorite childhood friends,
and the good times you had?
Did you wile away those Summer days,
in the shade of an old oak tree,
building roads that went nowhere,
getting dirty as you could be?

Did you try your luck at fishing,
down at the old fishing hole,
with nothing but worms you dug,
and a string line on an old cane pole?
Did you ever make a kite,
with the help of your best friend,
using only sticks and paper,
and launch it into the wind?

Did you ever make a skate-scooter,
with one skate, boards and a box,
and scoot along the sidewalks,
to ride for blocks and blocks?
How about a pair of stilts,
that made you feel so tall,
and the screaming of your mom,
"!!!Be careful !  You're going to fall!!!"

Now that I've jogged your memory,
do you remember how much was spent?
If you were anything like me,
you didn't have to spend a cent.
Nearly all of our play things,
were things we made ourselves,
instead of those factory toys,
from expensive Toy Store shelves.

We used our imaginations,
often trying again and again,
until we had finally succeeded,
and then our fun would begin.
There are things I recognize,
that are on the market today,
developed from our ideas,
but now, parents have to pay.

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