Doctor's Orders
© By Grady L. Duncan 
I went to the doctor, hoping to cure my ills.
Then I went home, with a bunch of pills.
The directions were simple, not hard to follow,
but some were so large, they were hard to swallow.

There was only one problem, that comes to mind.
I had to take them, all at bedtime.
Each of eight pills said, "Take with a snack."
I had to take them all, before hitting the sack.
Two other pills had directions that said,
"Take on an empty stomach, before going to bed."
At first I was confused, but I figured it out.
I now had it right.  There wasn't any doubt.

I followed the directions, the best that I could,
but nothing was working, like I thought it should.
I went back to the doctor, and he took one look at me.
He was really upset.  That was plain to see.
He said, "What have you done?  Can't you read directions?"
I was really embarrased, and was changing complexion.
My cholestrol was high.  I was way overweight.
What I had done,  I tried to relate.

"I followed directions, just like you said,
I had nothing to eat, before going to bed."
"I took the two pills, with nothing to eat,
then took another, with crackers and meat."
"The next one I took, with peanut butter and jelly."
That wasn't too hard,  I had room in my belly."
"The third pill with a snack, might be chips and dips,
with a soft drink to moisten my lips."

"All eight of those pills, I took with snacks,
then I'd lay down, and try to relax."
"I continued that routine, three months as directed.
Now, what's the problem, that you have detected?"
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