Don't Choose to Lose
© By Grady L. Duncan 
The blunder of all blunders,
is when Man denies my Lord.
Although He is revealed,
throughout God's Holy Word.
From Genesis to Revelation,
God weaves a golden thread,
to show He is the Way.
They have shunned Him instead.
He performed many miracles;
things that men have never done.
God showed them by many signs,
that Christ was His only Son.
It was proclaimed at Jordan,
by the sound of God's own voice,
but God allowed them freedoms,
to hear and make their choice.
"Rejection," was their answer.
"Crucify Him," was their demand,
knowing the hearts of men,
they fulfilled His eternal plan.
Christ died on a cruel cross,
shed His blood for you and me.
Our ransom was paid in full.
Accept it and you'll be free.
Sin requires full payment.
Innocent blood was the cost.
If you now deny it,
your soul is eternally lost.
Don't let the World dissuade you.
Don't heed their mocking voice.
Hear the loving call of Jesus.
Make Him your final choice.
Envoke ten thousand angels,
to sing from Heaven above.
"The Book Of Life" can bear your name,
Written and sealed with God's love.
Enjoy a life of peace,
the World can't understand.
The peace of knowing God,
and walking hand in hand.
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