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There's a land out there somewhere,
Don't ask me, Where?  I don't know.
But, at times when I fall asleep,
That is where I often go.
Nothing there is impossible,
but what happens, I can't chose.,
It's just my brain at play,
while other parts of me just snooze.

As I peacefully slumber,
I awaken, so it seems,
In that land of somewhere,
called the "Land of Dreams".
There, there are not limits,
No laws that I can break.
Things that I wouldn't dare,
If tried while I was awake.

Even the laws of nature,
are defied, just like I said.
I may fly like an eagle,
With just my arms outspread.
I may even walk on water,
And not get my feet wet.
I may even go shopping,
And never go in debt.

I might be in a crowd,
And be completely bare,
And no one will say a word.
It's as if they don't give a care.
Things sometimes happen,
That we just don't talk about.
I'll just keep them to myself,
And leave that part out.

The best I saved for last,
It makes it all worth while.
Each time these dreams occur,
I think of them and smile.
The sound of sparkling water,
As it rushes down a stream,
Is the peaceful back-drop,
for a very special dream.

Clouds drift slowly past.
Birds sing sweetly in the trees.
The sound of rustling leaves,
caressed by a gentle breeze,
The smell of honeysuckle,
The beauty of a blood-red rose,
All thrive in endless glory,
As they tantalize my nose.

The cares of the World, forgotten,
As I bask in endless day,
At least until the morning,
Then, like a mist it fades away.
All may be forgotten,
As I greet the rising sun.
Although it is over,
I had a lot of fun.

Though these dreams are mine alone,
You are right there by my side.
That's where you'll always be.
You couldn't change it if you tried.
Dreams last for just a moment,
They get started then they're through.
But, the memories will last forever,
If only I dream of you.

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