Drive-In Movies
( aka; The Passion Pit )
© By Grady L. Duncan

I consider myself, Lucky.
I lived in the days back when,
Drive-In Movies still existed,
and a dollar would get you in.
When we had a date,
no one asked, "Where will we go?"
It was dinner and a movie,
at our favorite Drive-In Show.

We tried to arrive at dusk,
before it got so dark,
that we needed our lights,
to find a place to park,
close to the Concession Stand,
near the middle of the row,
so when Mother Nature called,
we didn't have far to go .

Each car had its speaker,
that hung on the drivers door.
If you couldn't hear it,
you could turn it up some more.
The windshield must be spotless,
before the show starts.
Nobody wants to stare,
at smears of dead bug parts.

All was nice and cozy,
unless the weather was wet.
If we rolled up the windows,
they'd began to sweat.
When the skies were clear,
and the stars were everywhere,
the windows were left down,
and we enjoyed the night air.

With the smell of Popcorn,
wafting on the gentle breeze,
it wasn't long in coming, 
I'd say, "Two bags please."
Both hands holding sodas,
and treats for the show,
I arrived back at the car,
just as the lights turned low.

Soon, we were cuddled close,
her head resting my shoulder,
Then I dared to steal a kiss,
when I was feeling bolder.
At the time, I didn't know,
true love was in bloom.
She'd become my Bride,
and I'd be her lucky Groom.

There are no more Drive-Ins. 
They exist no longer,
but our love goes on and on,
daily growing stronger.
Those were the "GOOD OLD DAYS,"
written in big bold letters,
but, the "Good Old Days,"
have only gotten better.

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