East Texas Mysteries
© By Grady L. Duncan

I have a little story to tell.
You might doubt every word I say
Though it sounds ridiculous,
I will tell it anyway.
Now you should listen closely.
Picture this in your mind’s eye.
I know it’s hard to believe,
but you can if you really try.

While strolling in the woods one day
I beheld an awesome sight.
I saw two large King Snakes,
who engaged in a brutal fight.
Along with all that hissing noise,
their bodies began to flail.
Then all in a sudden move,
they grabbed each other’s tail.

In the pain of each other’s bite,
they suddenly straightened out,
forming a ring of scaly flesh,
that started to roll about.
They continued their swallowing,
and rolling upon the ground.
They stirred up a cloud of dust,
with all of that rolling around.

As their gulping still ensued,
the ring began to shrink in size,
As I watched them in amazement,
I could believe my eyes.
Each continued to swallow the other,
And the ring became real small.
Then it progressed at last,
until they became a ball.

This all went on about an hour.
I was wondering how it would end.
Which one would finally lose?
Which on would finally win?
Then came the answer to it all.
The result was really weird!
Each took a final gulp,
And, POOF!  They disappeared!!!
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Music - "Sneaky Snake"
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