Freedom's Cost
© By Grady L. Duncan 
The price of our freedoms, have been awfully high.
Many young, brave Americans, have had to fight and die.
In the horrors of battle, they shed their precious blood,
then they have fallen, lifeless, in the mud.
Rows of white marble crosses, marking where they now rest.
Each of these young patriots, have given their very best.
A flag drapped casket, is all that we can now see,
as a token payment, that we may be free.
Many a brave young sailor, fought the battle at sea,
And with pride, gave their lives that we might remain free.
Freedom's cost was paid, but not by you and me,
but by that brave sailor, who was buried out at sea.
Many have returned home, but, never to be the same.
Though they had survived, they were mangled and left lame.
The scars of battle are there for us to see,
the price that they paid, that we will be free.
So when you see our veterans, or our Service Men in ranks,
be sure to let them know, you offer them your thanks.
Then bow a knee in prayer, to our God above,
and thank him for his care, and his eternal love.
The cross is the symbol, of a great sacrifice,
by which we have freedom, not just once, but twice.
First by the Lord, who has freed our souls.
Then, by all of those warriers, buying freedom from our foes.
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