God Makes The Difference!
© Grady L. Duncan

Did you ever stop to think how it might be to live in another land;
to live in constant fear for your life under some tyrant’s brutal hand;
to feel the pangs of hunger while trying to fall asleep at night;
not knowing if you might rise again to see the morning’s light;
without any hope that tomorrow you’d find relief for your trouble soul,
or food on your table, and clothes on your back, and shelter from the cold?

Did you ever wonder what you would do if they would your home invade,
to ravage your children and plunder your goods leaving you sore afraid,
with no recourse from their crimes, nowhere to turn for help that never comes;
taking your flight to seek refuge from harm, leaving your friends and your home;
wandering and watching for somewhere to hide, but no refuge is there to be found,
making your abode where you can find ease from horror that prevails all around?

Have you ever wondered how it would be, living where all have forgotten Our Lord;
where the Devil roams free having his way, sowing hatred, malice and discord?
Well, my friend, those places exist, far more than you would care to admit;
not far from our shores are lands quite the same whose description these would fit.
There they live as slaves to egotistical men and their freedom is only a dream.
Their lives have not valve, and torture prevails, and blood flows like a stream.

Let us be humble before God, for it’s His cares we are seeing;
knowing in Him we live, and move, and have our  very being.
As,“One Nation Under God”, for it is “In God We Trust”,
we must fight to uphold His truths, fighting to win, and win, we must.
Like the patriots gone before, our freedoms we must defend.
The Victory is ours, if on God we will depend.

The next time you see a veteran, soldier, sailor, airman, marine,
or the mother or father of a serviceman who made the ultimate sacrifice,
Give them a great big hug, a pat on the back and a sincere, “Thank You!”
God bless our men and women in uniform and God Bless America!


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