©By Grady L. Duncan
There's a very special bond,
between grandparents and a child.
They have time for each other,
if only for a little while.
Moms and Dads are so busy,
they have no time to spare,
so grandparents and children,
use that time to share.

I can still feel the touch,
of his calloused but gentle hand,
and hear his words in whispers,
from that gentle and loving man.
I watched him in his struggles,
as age was taking its toll.
I thought he'd never leave me,
even though he was growing old.

You see, he was my granddad,
but little was I to know,
that as a general rule,
they're the first to go.
As that day drew near,
he gently took my hand,
and explained his parting,
for a fair and promised land.

He told me that he'd be with me,
where nothing could make us part.
Each time I longed for him,
he'd be right there in my heart.
He has always kept that promise.
He is at my beckoning call.
I still can hear his laughter,
though I was very small.

Oh Yes, I've known that sorrow.
It has faded with passing of time.
Now I remember with fondness,
as granddad comes to mind.
His memory is my treasure.
No one can take that away.
There will come a time,
I will see him again someday.

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Midi - How Time Slips Away
Seq'd by Harry Tobb at
(Revised from the original poem I wrote
for a greiving grandson, Jeffrey)