"Hand Me Downs"
© By Grady L. Duncan

When mama did all the sewing,
our wardrobes were small indeed.
She had to find the time,
to fulfill her family's needs.
With fleet and nimble fingers,
she made each piece with love,
and when she had finished,
they fit us like a glove.

Each garment was made to last,
and it's good that they did,
for they were handed down,
from kid, to growing kid.
Store bought clothes were rare,
so style was not the rage.
The styles seldom changed,
during the "Great Depression" age.

Large families were the norm,
so clothes were in demand.
Each child was glad to get them,
even if more than second hand.
Colors were not coordinated.
Seldom did anything match,
nor was it very unusual,
to wear something with a patch.

In those awkward growing years,
It wasn't uncommon to see,
A lanky boy in overalls,
with the legs ending at the knee.
The suspenders were let out,
as far as they would go.
That was all in the plan,
allowing for the child to grow.

When you saw a smaller boy,
with pant legs dragging the ground,
you could bet your bottom dollar,
he was wearing "hand me downs".
There was no shame in "hand me downs",
for nobody thought it wrong.
Times were really hard back then,
and we were trying to get along.

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