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Tell me again about Heaven.
Its telling never grows old.
Each time I hear of its beauty,
there's a beckoning deep in my soul.
This body will shine in its glory. 
Neither sorrow nor pain will be there.
My burden all will be lifted. 
My cross I will no longer bear.

With no more tears in my eyes,
to cloud nor to blur my sight,
I shall view the beautiful city,
where there will never again be night.
Its walls are as pure Jasper.
Each gate is as one great pearl.
Man has never seen such beauty;
no never in this present world.

A mansion will be my dwelling. 
Its streets are of purest gold,
so pure it is clear as crystal.
Its beauty, in words, can't be told.
In the midst of the beautiful city,
God will sit on His glorious throne.
I shall look on His face,
which before has never been shown.

From beneath His glorious throne,
the river of life ever flows.
On the banks of those beautiful waters,
the Tree of Life eternally grows.
The Nations of righteous will gather,
with the angels in their throngs,
to praise God in harmonious beauty,
with wonderful brand new songs.

Never again will I know darkness.
All evil will cease to be.
Satan will be chained in His torments,
throughout all of eternity.
Then will all creation,
know that God is Lord of all.
So tell me once more of God's promise,
the most beautiful story of all.

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Midi - "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"   Seq'r Unknown

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