Help Me Lord!
© Grady L. Duncan

Help me Lord!  Please help me!
I seem to have lost my way.
The world’s with its allurements,
have caused me to go astray.

I saw others enjoying its pleasures,
and soon I had joined right in,
but, now I live in total misery,
knowing the heavy burden of sin.

Once, I followed you faithfully,
and had peace within my soul,
knowing that if I stayed the course,
I would finally reach my goal.

But, the journey seemed so long,
and with the passing of time,
my pace grew much slower
and I begin to lag behind.

Once more, I want to follow you,
and feel the joys I once knew.
This journey shall end someday,
and I want to go home with you.

Shame has revoked my pleasures,
and I know I have grieved you so.
I’m sorry!  Lord, please forgive me!
Your way is all I want to know.

True peace is in your presence,
and that is where I long to be.
I’ll never stray away again,
until I walk into eternity.

Therein are my deepest hopes,
that past sins you have erased,
and I’ll stand before your throne,
justified by your saving grace.