His Watchful Eye
©By Grady L. Duncan

Viewing them from my window,
as I often do each day,
I watch the birds as they feed,
knowing God is not far away.

Though I have provided feeders,
and kept them filled with seeds,
‘twas God who urged my doing so,
thus providing for their needs.

I’m honored that they came my way,
for they are precious in God’s sight.
He watches closely over them,
as they fill my heart with delight.

I find the greatest comfort,
seeing He cares for birds so small.
He watches over them as I do,
and knows if one should fall.

Something even more amazing;
He loves me more than these.
He knows my every thought,
and listens to my mournful pleas.

Each hair of my head, He’s counted.
He measures the beats of my heart.
He is my constant companion,
and promises never to part.

I know not their eternal fate,
for that secret He has not told,
but, for me there’s eternal life,
because He has saved my soul.

A home in heaven awaits me,
if I listen to Him, and obey.
There, my soul will abide forever,
throughout one great eternal day.

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