(If God spoke directly to us today the conversations might go something like this)

How Much Lord?
© By Grady L. Duncan

What does it take to please you Lord?
I don’t have very much to give.
It takes all I can earn in toil.
I barely have enough to live.

My child, I don’t want your money,
for all that you have was mine.
So, keep your hard earned dollars,
I would rather have some of your time.

  !! Time? !!
I don’t have any to spare!
I work from dawn to dark,
and still can’t get anywhere.

You, might take a few minutes,
to talk to me in prayer.
I would return to you a favor,
making your burdens, more easy to bear.

I go to church each Sunday, Lord,
and worship in songs and prayers.
When I miss now and then,
those folks don’t seem to care.

I miss you when you’re absent,
for I am always there and abide.
Each time that you are there,
I am seated right by your side.

Would that be enough for you Lord?
I might be able to do more.
I could manage a few more Sundays,
than I have attended before.

I had hoped you would be more generous,
for your eternity isn’t secure.
I know you have more to offer.
There’s a lot lacking for sure.

Name it and it is Yours.
It couldn’t be awfully much more.
It might be a little bit simpler,
if I knew what you were looking for.

Okay, here is my deepest yearning.
Things perish in spite of what you do.
Your life can go on forever,
So what I really want is, YOU!

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