Idle Thinking
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Put on your thinking cap.
Go ahead, I can wait.
We're going to do some thinking,
and I want you to get it straight.
Now, let's address a subject.
Something we learned in school.
You know, the one we studied,
because it was the rule.
About the "Origin Of Man",
and how he came to be.
After millions of years,
a fish crawled out of the sea.
If we evolved from fish,
and finally shed our scales,
it would be impossible,
to get rid of that awful smell.
Then while we were snakes,
why didn't we have two heads.
since evolution fulfilled each need,
at least that's what they said.
It would have been real handy,
with a head on both ends,
one, could tell where we're going,
the other, could know where we'd been.
Each and every species,
retains a specific gene.
If that were not the case,
you'd see things you've never seen.
Like a turtle without a shell,
or a camel without his hump,
or a skunk without a smell,
or a elephant without a trunk.
It doesn't present a problem,
for one who understands.
There was order in creation,
and was done according to plan.
I must admit, at times,
I'm troubled to no end.
I see men acting like monkeys,
but no monkeys acting like men.
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Midi - "Fantasy Finale"
Seq'r Unknown
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