If We Only Knew
© By Grady L. Duncan

Grief is that dreaded emotion,
that we all may suffer someday,
when friends and dearest loved ones,
have fallen and passed away.

We stand at their open casket,
and shed unashamed tears,
and a veil of grief surrounds us
that may last for many years.

Sorrows darken our endless days,
and causes many sleepless nights.
Pillows are stained with our tears.
The future no longer seems bright.

The faithful dead wait in paradise,
resting from the burdens they bore.
The toils of past lives forgotten,
knowing peace never known before.

There we, too, shall join them,
and Christ shall claim His own.
After the day of Judgments,
we will gather around His throne

Then there will be joy in heaven.
Angels join in a “Welcome Song.”
The Faithful will cross over,
and be at home where they belong.

No tears are in their eyes.
Greater joy they’ve never known.
They’ll be with their Lord, Jesus,
and see God upon His throne.

Life’s final foe is conquered.
The grave is not the end.
Death was only a transition.
Now eternal joys can begin.
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