I'm Alive !
© By Grady L. Duncan 
In the reproductive fluids of man, there's already life,
Exchanged in love, between a man and his wife.
The will to live, within it we find.
If you can't see that, you're mentally blind.
It struggles and races, to find its new home,
The sustaining sphere in its mother's womb.
There it finds comfort, and all that it needs,
To develop and grow, and finally succeed.
In becoming their son, or maybe a daughter,
If not deprived by an intentional slaughter.
The mother deciding, she made mistakes,
Submits to murder, and its life, she takes.
The instruments of death are brought into play.
This life will end before the close of the day.
The surge of the saline and water, now sprays,
Taking the life of this child away,
Trying its best, this response it gives,
"I want to live !"-- "I want to live !"-- "I want to live !"
Midi - "Can You Feel The Love"
Seq'r Unknown
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