I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up!
© By Grady L. Duncan 

I walked a narrow path of life,
with my head proudly held high,
but temptations became a stumbling block,
when its allurements caught my eye.

I became entangled in the briars of sin,
and found that I could not get free.
I called on friends for their help.
Try as they may, it would not be.

They encouraged me to try again,
but the briars maintained their hold.
I must escape these horrid things,
or I surely would lose my soul.

It was hopeless, I thought to myself.
I felt the deepest sorrows that day.
It was I who had left my Lord.
It was I who had gone astray.

In deepest shame I bade my Lord,
“Please return to save my life!”
He reminded me that he had not left,
‘Twas I who had entered my strife.

Then I raised my eyes to behold,
His nail pierced hand reached out to me,
Then a gentle voice I heard,
as he said, “Only I can set you free.”

“Hear what I would have you do;
You must trust me and do as I say.”
Yes! Lord, I will surely comply,
and every command, I will obey.

As I took hold of his outreached hand,
the briars of sin quickly died.
They fell withered on the ground,
and I stood once more at his side.

More intent now, I go on,
watching more close than before,
as step by step I follow my Lord,
‘till I reach that eternal shore.

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