Left Behind
© By Grady L. Duncan

Many years ago when you were all alone,
and needed a lifetime friend by your side,
God felt your heart's longing and the loneliness,
and sent you someone to make you his bride.

Then you fell in love as He knew you would,
and you wed until death, you would not part.
for better or worse, through sickness and health,
for rich or for poor, those vows were taken to heart.

Your days were filled with joys and sadness,
but you faced them and endured them together,
putting your trust in the Lord, never doubting at all,
that He would sustain you and protect you forever.

The good years passed too quickly it seems,
and the bad years were weary and longer,
but through the joys and sadness you prevailed,
and your love grew ever deeper and stronger.

Time has now taken its toll as today approached,
And your mate has paid the cost of time.
He has crossed over to that land of sweet rest,
and you have been left here behind.

Grief will replace the joy you once knew,
and loneliness will overshadow you once more.
In your heart you will know one thing;
He waits for you on God’s eternal shore.

Though out of the view from your longing eyes,
You will be reunited with him again some day.
He may be gone for this moment in time,
but he is only a heart beat and breath away.
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