Let’s Take A Stroll!
© By Grady L. Duncan

I’ll take another stroll down memory lane.
You are welcome to come along.
We can visit those joyful yesteryears,
as we whistle and sing forgotten songs.
Let’s take off our shoes and shocks again,
Boys; no shirts and no underwear, please.
Put on those worn out old overalls;
with holes in the seat and knees.

Don’t forget the “Beanie” for you head,
and a big red bandana for your nose.
Some people may said, “That’s tacky!”
but those were our favorite clothes.
Girls; plait your hair in “Pigtails”.
Put on a flour sack gingham dress,
with a pinafore that ties in back;
neat and clean, all starched and pressed.

Bring along your canine friends.
Whe-e-et! Come on boy.  You can go too.
They are handy to have around,
and they’ll find plenty to do.
We will swing a while on the tire swing,
hung from a limb in that old oak tree.
Then we’ll climb from limb to limb,
until at the top we will finally be.

There we’ll gaze into the distance,
exploring all of our vast domains.
New adventures are waiting out there;
new memories to story in our brains;
carefree times in the old hay loft;
skinny dipping in our old swimming hole;
trying to catch that wise old catfish,
with string and hook on a willow pole;

picking berries on a summers morn,
hoping mother would bake us a pie;
scratching the chigger bites as result,
so miserable we thought we would die.
‘Muscatine grapes and persimmons too,
were a country kid’s tasty delight,
causing quick trips to the old outhouse,
on the darkness of a moonless night.

You know, those were the best of times;
no modern devises to distract us from living;
no TV, cell phones and electronic gadgets;
when life was loving, sharing and giving .
I hope you enjoyed our little stroll,
and will return with me again and again.
Remembering those days renews my joy,
when I can share those times with a friend.

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