Lord Forgive
© By Grady L. Duncan

I saw a man the other day, who truly was in need,
but I turned and walked away.  His begging, I did not heed.
I never stopped to think that day, how blessed I am to live,
and enjoy what comes my way.  Dear Lord, will you forgive?

Touch my apathetic heart, and compassion place within,
that I should never turn and walk away again.
All blessings come from you; all I need and some to spare.
Remind me lest I forget…that what I have, I should share.

In anger, I said some things that offended a very good friend,
not knowing the sorrow it brings.  I wish I could recall them again.
I often speak what’s on my mind, no matter the consequence.
If in your heart you can find, please Lord, forgive my offence.

The tongue is a little thing, and is hard for me to control,
Help me to bridle it, lest it condemn my soul.
Sweeten its bitter words and restrain its every move.
Teach me to use kind words, spoken in heartfelt love.

I’m secure in what I know about your tender loving care,
and that you love me so.  I know you’re always there.
Neighbors are non-believers, Lord.  Yet, I’ve had nothing to say,
even though I should share your Word.  Forgive me, Lord I pray.

May your Word awake in me to become a burning fire.
that I may proclaim the news of your grace and saving power.
No greater deed could I do, than help them find their way,
so they may stand justified on the judgment day.

Worldly pleasures allure me. Their enticements catch my eye.
Sometimes I can’t resist them; sometimes I don’t even try.
Though you may forgive me, guilt feelings still remain.
Help me to forgive myself.  Please, remove the guilt and pain.

Instill in me a righteous mind, fixing my eyes on Thee.
When tempted to fulfill my lusts, may I learn to flee.
I trust in Thee with all my heart, to keep watch over my soul.
I’ll do my best to do your Will, finding peace within your fold.

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