© By Grady L. Duncan

Men have wrestled to define it,
though it existed before time began.
A force beyond our comprehension;
too meek and tender to understand.

Love has no touchable substance,
yet it is felt in various degrees.
Its presences is like the wind
seen in the movement of the trees.

Love is not one ingredient,
but is complex as it can be.
It makes far better persons,
of someone like you and me.

Without love we are nothing:
just a nuisance at very best,
  much like the wild gorilla,
who beats upon his chest.

True love, when is given,
seeks nothing in return,
yet, causes much suffering,
when it is carelessly spurned.

Love is willing to wait;
patient, tender and kind.
It overlooks many faults.
Sometimes it’s totally blind.

It has the strength of steel,
yet it is a fragile as glass.
It often exercises wisdom,
but sometimes it’s very rash.

Love gives its very best;
nothing, it will withhold;
‘tis why God gave his Son.
T’was how much he loves our soul.

A love that is that deep,
is truly hard to understand.
But, God is it source,
and he has shared it with Man.

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