My Aging Mother

© Grady L. Duncan

Time has passed without notice,
while subtle changes were taking place.
The youthful beauty has now faded,
finally vanishing from mother’s face.

Her once long coal-black hair,
has thinned and turned to gray.
That zest she once had for living,
has gradually slipped away.

Eyes that had sparkled with laughter,
now show signs of the fears within.
Cheeks that once were soft and rosy,
are now pale and have grown thin.

Nimble fingers that stayed busy,
yielding such love and tender care;
hands that molded tender lives,
were humbly folded in daily prayer.

Those hands now are knurled,
and have grown stiff and sore.
Their work has almost ceased,
and soon shall work no more.

She was once fleet of foot,
and chased after me as a child,
now she ambles when she walks,
and a cane now cramps her style.

She was the hub of the family,
the centerpiece of our sweet home.
Now the family has all departed,
and she lives there all alone.

Not wanting to be a bother,
she refuses all offers for care.
She wants no returned favors,
for the troubles she had to bear.

All she has requested in return,
so much like my Lord above,
is to follow where she has led,
and a goodly measure of love.

Mother at 24
Mother at 103

Dedicated to Mother, the Queen of my life
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