My Hoopie
© By Grady L. Duncan 
My very first car, cost me twenty five bucks.
I had to pay it out, 'cus I was down on my luck.
T'was a thirty four Chevy, topless, two door sedan.
The people who had it, couldn't recall when it ran.
The tires were all real low, and needed some air.
One was plumb flat, and there wasn't even a spare.
The battery was so old, it had seen its better days,
since the engine was froze up, I didn't need it anyway.
Home was across town, a very long way to go.
There was no way to move it, but to take it, "In Tow."
With an old hand pump, and a secondhand tire,
we had it ready to roll, in about two hours.
Out of the yard, on the street at last,
we finally had it moving, but not very fast.
With a grin on my face, and the wind in my hair,
people were all laughing, but I didn't care.
The car started bouncing, while crossing a railroad track.
The tow chain came loose, when it got some slack.
With nothing to pull it, it came to a stop.
We were running around, like the "Keystone Cops."
Bells started ringing!  Red lights started to flash!
A freight train was coming!  There would be a crash!
The adrenalin was pumping!  I still don't understand!
I pushed that old car, like I was "Superman."
We finally got it home, everything still in tact.
We pulled it in the drive, and parked it out back.
With my daddy's tools, and my determination,
I started out that day, to get an education.
For the next fifty years, I have done it all.
If my freinds needed help, they gave me a call.
Do your son a favor.  Don't buy him a car that's new.
He'll never learn to fix it, if there's nothing for him to do.
Buy him an old hoopie.  He'll have something to do.
He'll learn an awful lot, and you'll save some money too.
Instead of spending money, your time, you can share.
You'll both be able to learn;-He, to fix a car;-You, to show you care.
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