My Music
©By Grady L. Duncan     
There was a time not long ago,
I knew almost every song.
As I listened to the radio,
I could enjoy singing along.
Down at the corner drugstore,
on any Saturday afternoon,
we listened to the jukebox,
as it played our favorite tunes.

The lyrics told a story.
The words were clear and clean.
The band played in the background.
The singers didn’t scream.
Some call it “Easy Listening,”
which suits it to a tee,
with words that had a meaning,
backed by a pleasant melody.

And there was “Country,”
“Boogie Woogie”, “Jazz” and “Blues”.
Then along came Elvis,
singing his “Blue Swede Shoes”
Now the world’s gone crazy.
with Rap and Acid Rock,
and groups like “Iced Tea”
and “New Kids On The Block”

Some folks call it music,
when all they do is yell.
But is it still called music,
when the notes run off the scale?
It gives the same sensation,
as scratching on an old blackboard.
My hair stands on end,
as they play those crazy cords.

You may say I’m old fashion,
and maybe that name fits,
but I’d rather sit in silence,
than to go plumb out of my wits.
Give me the “Big Band” music,
even if it may be out of style.
I can listen to it with pleasure,
wearing my wrinkled faced smile.

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Music playing is "Music, Music, Music"
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