My Tears
© By Grady L. Duncan

Who on Earth could ever tell me,
how many tears have I shed?
They flow like spring fed streams,
from somewhere within my head.
Their flowing is truly unbidden,
O’er them I’ve no control,
unleashed by deep emotions,
that are stirred within my soul.

There are the sweet tears of joy
when life was at its very best,
Tears of love and laughter,
were sweeter than all the rest.
They were the welcome ones,
and they came with no disgrace,
when they flowed from glittering eyes,
and streamed gently down my face.

My sorrows, griefs and pains,
have brought those bitter tears,
and they may abide with me,
throughout my coming years.
But, no matter what the cause,
nor how many tears may fall,
My Lord is quite aware,
for He has counted them all.

A bottle contains every tear,
I have shed since my birth,
to show He was always there
while I struggled here on earth.
He has saved them, every one,
‘Til I’m with Him in the end.
Then the tears will cease,
never to flow again.      

(Read Psalms 56:8)

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