Nature's Classroom
     © By Grady L. Duncan         

In my childhood years,
we had few store-bought toys,
yet we fared as well,
as other girls and boys.
We spent our days,
playing with God's little critters,
yet mom had no fears.
Nature was our babysitter.

With an old straw hat,
and no shoes on our feet,
wearing patched faded coveralls,
with a hole in the seat,
we roamed through the woods,
watching nature at play.
We usually stayed gone
for most of the day.

We never were worried,
'cuz we were heavily armed.
With our slingshots and rocks,
nothin' would do us no harm.
With a few feet of string,
a willow limb and a hook,
we spent much time fishing,
along a babbling brook.

When we had the notion,
we'd go skinny dipping,
swinging out on a rope,
doing some diving or flipping.
Nature was our teacher.
Lessons were learned real fast.
Two hours in the woods,
equals a whole year in class.

Mom could tell we were around,
by the funny smells.
Our hair was all matted,
and dirt was under our nails.
So what does it hurt,
if a kid gets all dirty?
Are you going to pamper them,
until they reach thirty?

Don't get me wrong.
  I'm not knocking education,
but you learn more by doing,
and have a greater appreciation,
for the works of nature,
and the love of the land.
When you see Nature at work,
it is easier to understand.

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