Night Sounds
                                 ©By Grady L. Duncan                  9/1/04

When the nights were warm and still,
as a child, lying down to get some Z's,
through the open lace curtained window,
I could feel the night's gentle breeze.
  With the moon casting weird shadows,
upon my wallpapered bedroom wall.
It stirred the wildest imaginations,
in the mind of someone so small.

But, then I found my assurance,
in the peacefulness of night sounds.
They calmed my anxious moments,
as they came from all around.
The constant chirping of the crickets,
and the singing of little tree frogs,
soon would make eyelid heavy;
the prelude to my sawing logs.

A dog barking in the distance,
the hoot of the old barn owl,
somehow said, "All is well,"
in the mind of a sleepless child.
The eerie howl of a coyote,
calling to its wandering mate,
the sound of the Whip-o-Will,
told me it was getting late.

Then came the sweet lullaby;
the whistling of a distant train.
That sound is gone forever,
never to be heard again.
The world no longer listens,
sleeping with windows pulled down.
In these days of air conditioning,
they lose those country night sounds.

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