© By Grady L. Duncan

Let’s do a little deep thinking now.
Tell me the truth!...Please, I insist!
I fear that I’ve been duped again.
Does “Nowhere” really exist?

I’ve often asked the question,
“Where is it that you are going?”
The answer I hear is, “Nowhere”.
That leaves my ignorance showing.

My brother came home late one night.
When I asked him where he’d been.
His reply, once again was, “Nowhere”.
But, he had lipstick all over his chin.

When I ask what he does there,
“Oh, nothing”, he always affirms,
which gets on another subject,
that opens a bucket of worms.

“Nowhere” must be an exciting place;
so many people seem to go there.
It must be some sort of secret place.
They won’t tell me, but I don’t care.

My wife must know the answer,
and she must have been there too.
My arrival home late one evening,
got reactions that gave me a clue.

She wanted to know where I’d been.
I answered, “Nowhere”…..Why?
She hit me with an iron skillet,
And I wound up with a black eye.

So I have searched for myself,
in Atlases, books and the internet.
I’ve spent many years in searching,
But I haven’t found it yet.

I’m tired of all of their snickering,
and finger pointing and their insults.
If you should find the answer,
Please! …..I’d love to know the results.