Old Folks
© By Grady L. Duncan
Have you ever laughed at old folks,  for strange things they do?
Did you ever stop to think,  of the embarrassment they go through?
Those things usually happen,  to us when we grow old.
You know we wouldn't do it,  if it was still in our control.
Young folks think it's funny,  how some old folks look,
like some fictitious character,  in a Dime Store comic book,
with our thin gray hair,  and our wrinkled skin,
and our missing teeth,  and our nose touching our chin.
We wear our baggy clothes,  'cause nothing seems to fit,
since we lost our form,  from where we used to sit.
Those things seem to happen,  in spite of all we can do.
We should learn to expect it,  for it is nothing new.
We can't be left alone,  so we need a tender.
If we want to eat,  it must go through a blender.
We wear our thick glasses,  and still can't see very clear.
Our hearing is almost gone.  A Hearing Aid is in each ear.
I, too, once was strong.  None dared to do me harm,
and I was very handsome,  with a girl on each arm.
I was good in sports.  In fact, I was a Star.
I never smoked the weed,  nor spent time in a bar.
Just remember what I say, for the time will come,
when you will grow old.  There's no way to stay young.
None want to die young,  at least not very often,
just so they will look good,  lying in their coffin.
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Midi - "The Old Gray Mare"
Seq'r Unknown
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